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  • Quadcopter (Yuneec or Custom Models)
  • Hexacopter (custom)
  • Octocopter (custom)-Heavy load
  • Other Custom drones
  • Spare parts
    • ​​We can supply spare parts and fixes for custom builds, Yuneec and a few other models. We do NOT service DJI Phatom, 2, 3 and Inspire. 

We are a proud Yuneec dealer. The Yuneec systems are the best value for the money and so easy to use. They supply a clear, crisp video/photo image in air or even on ground! We also supply other models custom built. 

Merchants & Music Festival - Bret Michaels

Concert/Event Videography from the Merchants and Music Festival ft Bret Michaels in Ft. Thomas Kentucky (9/26/2015). 


Cincinnati Drones, "Drone Drives" featuring local Discgolf players and their skill. We used our custom built 250 quadcopter to follow the disc from release to the basket. 

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The CGO3 Handheld ActionCam is very useful for still and moving action shots! 

Thanks to all three Brandons and John for helping us film the other day, more great videos to come! #drone #thenatidiscgolf #thecincydiscgolfers #highspeed #discgolf #gcfda

Posted by Cincinnati Drones, LLC on Friday, June 19, 2015

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  • Aerial photography & videography
  • Real Estate/Property promotion
  • Search & Rescue
  • Motion picture filming
  • Sports event filming
  • Property surveys 
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Commercial/Business Promotion

Call for services - complete list COMING SOON!